a spin-off of SISSA. a research team in Knowledge Management.
The Company
Promoscience is a spin-off of SISSA (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati – International School for Advanced Studies) of Trieste founded by a team of researchers specializing in planning and deploying advanced Knowledge Management solutions.

Promoscience explores the requirements of the scientific community, perfecting new and effective knowledge transmission strategies and developing adapted information technology.

Sharing knowledge is one of the fundamental requirements of the scientific community: it facilitates the attainment of research objectives, simplifies the resolution of problems, accelerates the push towards innovation and broadens accessibility to the sum of scientific progress.

Promoscience’s Research & Development team has realized a collection of software tools for putting scientific experience on the Net: objectives, methods, results and ideas are immediately at the disposition of the community thanks to our innovative information systems solutions.

The goal is to improve the sharing of knowledge through concrete and easily applied tools: we offer solutions that allow one to create, manage and update Web portals rich in content with simplicity.

The result is a legacy of experience, knowledge and answers accessible by the larger scientific community, the business world, and to everyone else.

Promoscience srl
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Trieste (TS) Italy
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