for managing and controlling project work packages
a project management system

To be able to manage a complex, articulated reality, which is an international research project, partners must put in place support tools for the coordination and evaluation of the advancement of activities.

netscience includes a Project Management System to manage and control project Work Packages. Simple planning procedures for activities and relative deliverables facilitate collaborator participation coordination and simplify reaching objectives in the ways and time frames envisioned.

netscience integrates Work Package (WP) management tools for:
  • organizing and sharing research goals and methods;
  • defining the involvement of both human resources and instruments in the different WP's;
  • creating a private space for every WP for sharing experimental data, publications, manuals, etc.;
  • defining deliverables and milestones;
  • collecting and organizing reports for simplifying WP financial statements;
  • planning automatic newsletters to inform WP researchers on plan modifications or the availability of new files;
  • advising WP researchers and project managers via e-mail alerts on expiring deliverables and ignored deadlines.
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