the platform for managing research projects

International research programs provide a place for large projects of collaboration, involving researchers from diverse agencies, institutes, organizations and companies. The complexity of this partnership and the flexible composition of teams makes it indispensable to have a project management approach which insures availability of a virtual space where all information is shared.

netsciencenetscience offers innovative solutions to project partners for sharing objectives, managing activities and diffusing results.

netscience is a virtual place where researchers involved in a project can interact as if they were members of the same group, developing in this way a community of practice on line.

netscience features:
  • sharing objectives and sharing results: netscience integrates a Content Management System for realizing project Web sites in a very short time;
  • organizing and controlling research activities: netscience facilitates research team coordination, activity planning, and evaluating results and financial statements;
  • collaboration and exchanging knowledge: netscience permits folder sharing and the exchange of documents, reports, experimental data and models with automatic e-mail notification when files are updated.

netscience is a tool designed and realized to provide research project partners a Web platform for Content, Project and Document Management.

netscience is deployed on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and SQL Server 2000.

netscience has been developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics – OGS.

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