a spin-off of SISSA. a research team in Knowledge Management.
Knowledge Management Research Team

The Knowledge Management Research Team explores new Knowledge Management methods for use in an environment such as scientific research, one in continuous mutation and evolution. The roots of this exploration are founded in activities already began at SISSA and profit from the work of researchers from Italian and international scientific agencies and organizations, such as SISSA, Area Science Park, INFM, OGS and UCLA.

Project Management Team

The Project Management Team manages the analysis of user needs and, together with the Software Development Team, plans and realizes customized solutions, providing clients with support and consultation services.

Software Development Team

The Software Development Team develops innovative, functional and reliable technologies. The elevated professionalism of its components, together with the internal flow of know-how, guarantees the flexibility and effectiveness of solutions constructed to meet client needs.

Scientific Development Team

The Scientific Development Team provides consultation in the communication of science, assisting the client in defining content and optimizing the efficiency of the knowledge transfer process.

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