Research on the Net: share to innovate

sharescienceIt's a dynamic platform integrating the most advanced technologies for sharing knowledge (Knowledge Management) with the most modern content management systems (Content Management), on the Italian and international markets as an innovative, original product particularly useful to promote activities, abilities and results of universities and research organizations.

sharescience supports and optimizes:
  • scientific communication: sharescience is the first Content Management System designed and developed to offer researchers at universities and research institutes the maximum visibility, and to evaluate their results;
  • evaluation of research quality and dynamism: sharescience is an efficient support tool for evaluating both intellectual and material assets;
  • diffusion of innovation: sharescience increases the dissemination of ability and innovation offerings, favoring the birth of new ties between research and industry.
sharescience for evaluating
  • Abilities and know-how: staff and resumés (CV's) of its members.
  • Publications: articles, conference proceedings, manuals.
  • Activities and results: projects and possible applications of results.
  • Intellectual properties: patents and licenses.
  • Documents: multimedia presentations, posters, training materials.
  • Equipment and technologies: research and analysis techniques, instruments.
  • Collaboration and financing: academic and business partnerships.
  • News and events: conventions, seminars, journal clubs, workshops and conferences.
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