scientific experience, legacy of many
Objectives, methods, interests and experiences: these are the elements which unite the scientific community. Today, occasions to exchange and compare between its members are limited to sporadic events such as meetings, conventions and specialized publications. Still more difficult is sharing knowledge with the entire community, for divulging results and diffusing innovation.
In fact, a space does not presently exist in which communication between these realities may occur continuously and naturally, a functional and easily accessible meeting point where the exchange of information, problems, results and experiences can develop with constancy and efficiency.

Thanks to the new information technologies of Knowledge Management implemented by Promoscience, from now on this space will be available.

A virtual place will exist right next to the physical. An accessible space for data transmission, implementing universally accepted and widely used technologies, will be the new instrument for knowledge sharing.

Thus, isolation and separation will become concepts foreign to knowledge. And scientific experience will truly be the legacy of many.

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