a new meeting point for constructively sharing experience

Promoscience exists to explore and offer advanced solutions that support management and sharing of the cultural legacy between the different players in the world of research, stimulating the spread of innovation. For this undertaking, the scientific and technological interests of private enterprises are monitored in close contact with the scientific community.

In a course already began by SISSA, with which a relationship of intense collaboration is maintained, Promoscience aims to integrate innovative Knowledge Management methodologies into efficient and flexible information systems. Uniting advanced technical ability to effective communication strategy, our company intends to create instruments to enhance the value of scientific knowledge.

Promoscience, in this way, wishes to foster the birth and progress of a community of practice, virtual places for informal communication and resource optimization. The Web, with its character of dynamism, accessibility and diffusion, thus becomes a new meeting point for different communities, to constructively share experience and to effectively transfer knowledge from research to businesses.

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